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Four Degrees of DWI

In Minnesota, there are four degrees of DWI, and which one you are ultimately charged with makes a big difference in both the short-term and long-term impact to you.

A DWI can cost you lots of money

A DWI can be very expensive; fines and court costs range from $1,000-$14,000. Quality DWI legal defense can save you as much as it costs, in some cases.

A DWI can bring jail time

Depending on the DWI degree, jail time can be less than 90 days to up to seven years in prison. We know your freedom is important to you and do our best to get you the best outcome we can.

Sealing Your Record

A DWI charge or conviction on your record may keep you from getting the job you want. One solution is to have your arrest record sealed and your conviction expunged.

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